Planning for retirement?

Buying or selling a home?

Protecting your family?

Managing an inheritance?

Providing for children and parents?

These are financial steps we all can take and they look different for everyone. This is the hard stuff that we don’t always want to talk about … until something happens. And when that something happens, you need a team that will go deeper than a spreadsheet, a team that will advise with your hopes, goals and dreams in mind – not just the numbers.

You can take these steps more confidently with the ClearPath team.

ClearPath’s highly-qualified financial advisors have diverse experience – professionally and personally – to design a financial strategy that fits your unique needs at every stage. From managing your assets, to planning for retirement, to living in retirement to leaving a legacy for the next generations, we can help. We evaluate your situation as human beings – because we face the same challenges you do.

Money is personal. No two people have the same exact financial needs, so it’s important to work with a team who seeks to understand your unique hopes and dreams. Our passion is to turn money into meaning – your money into your meaning.

Our financial advisors seek to connect with you and adapt to your unique situation by following these steps:

Evaluating your financial needs, priorities, and goals
Developing a step-by-step strategy to support your objectives
Reviewing your goals periodically
Adjusting strategies when needed
Collaborating with your other professional advisors (i.e., accountants and attorneys), if necessary


We listen first and solve later. Our proven client-focused approach helps us know you as you are now and who you want to be in the future. We ask a lot of questions with the goal of understanding how we can help you best. We believe there is a process for financial progress, and it all starts with hearing you.

To accomplish your goals, you need not only a clear vision of what you want to achieve but also the proper tools and a team to guide you. You may also need some help with the feelings that financial decisions can bring about. We understand that this can feel overwhelming. That’s why working with experienced professionals can be valuable. After helping you develop a clear picture of your goals, ClearPath can help you map out the best approach to achieving them, identify the steps to take along the way and point out risks you may face along the way. We offer realistic and honest advice. Transparency, communication and technology help to guide us along the way.






You can navigate your financial future with independence and peace through the help of ClearPath’s financial advisors, 

at every stage of life:

Establish a Foundation

Help Manage Risks

Grow Over Time

Help Achieve Your Aspirations

We know life doesn’t always “stick to the plan.” So, any detour or scenic route you may take along the way we’ll help get you back on your path – you can feel confident that we’re here for you. We are your trusted guide along your financial journey, so you can simply live.

Your financial life can be complicated. Having a clear path to follow can help give you confidence for the future. Let the ClearPath team guide you.